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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Discovery time reflection

Discovery time reflection.

This discovery time I went to the  drawing station I drew R2d2 from Star Wars. This is what the R2d2 that I drew looks like.
The role I played was to draw quietly without disturbing other people.

A strategy I used was was Googling what I want to draw first.

Something I Learnt was how to draw R2d2, R2d2 is my favourite droid on Star Wars.

A struggle for me was that when I was drawing R2D2 because I had never drawn him before so I had to rub out lots of lines to get it to look good.

I showed a growth mind set when I had to rub out a lot to get it to look perfect because you can't get it right the first time for me.

Next discovery I want to show an improvement on drawing because I want to know how to draw a 3D Nissan GT-R because it is my favourite car.

Overall: I think that R2D2 looks very good next time I will try to draw A Nissan GT-R in 3D because that would be cool.

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