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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Discovery time reflection

Today At Discovery I made a egg powershot I didn't get time to drop my egg but I got time to make it after I put it together will and I went out to the top of the playground to test drop it to see if the power shoots have time to open because if they didn't have time to open the egg would crack I don't want it to crack I want it to serve the drop.

Someone admired was Will because he told me where to get the Connery from and the best way to join the power shoot to the box that holds the egg in it.

My struggle was trying to find a small box because there was almost no small boxes left because so many people had already taken their boxes because people had already made there's.

Next time I think I would improve it by putting in more stuffing so when the egg lands does not crack.

I achieved finishing my egg power shoot so next time I can be the first person to drop it of the play ground.

Today i learnt that I am good at making small scale power shoots the reason why is because i help my dad fix small scale  biggies with my dad.  

Today i think i used my growth mindset when i decided that i will give egg powershot making a go because i had never done it before.

I think i need to work on making the strings evenly cut.

What have i have gained from this i have learnt how to make a small power shoot it was hard because i usually big rc stuff because i think that the bigger the better.

Overall: this discovery time was


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