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Thursday, 6 August 2015



For term 2 the topic is Science for  Inquiry Will and I were trying to see which grass seed brands grow the best. And the rest of the class where trying to get all of the litter out of the rivers in our local environment to sustain them for for future generations.

Here are some photos of what we were doing. We found out the potting mix works better than normal dirt.


This term our class have been on trips. Will and I went on two of the trips, we went to the Water Pumping Station and the Groynes. I learnt that the big concrete cylinders were there to stop the rivers from flooding with rainwater, and flooding the farmlands, and drowning the animals and crop that the the farmers were growing. The flooding would make the farmland unsustainable for future generations. 

At the end of the term the school share their work that they had done over the term 2 and term. The finale went good our parents came to see what we were doing in term1 and term2.

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